Bamboo: The Sustainable Material Having A Fashionable Comeback

Bamboo has a lot going for it. Not only is it not derived from forestry (it’s known as a long grass instead) it has a very fast regenerative growth-cycle without the need to be replanted. Vintage Bamboo furniture, therefore is the pinnacle of sustainability!

Bamboo was fashionable as a material for furniture-making in the second half of the 19th century. Poles of bamboo were imported mainly from Japan and the resulting furniture was relatively inexpensive but satisfied a desire for the ‘exotic’ and decorative arts style that was gaining momentum. A brief flirtation with Bamboo in the 1970s resulted in a a kitsch and unfashionable reputation. But not anymore.

Bamboo furniture has a graphic and natural, linear form that  belies it’s tensile strength – it’s stronger than steel. For designers, Bamboo’s elasticity allows manipulation into curves and produces a light feeling. A bamboo rocker is an elegant touch in a room setting, working with all types of furniture styles.

Natural Bamboo Rocking Chair Attributed to Franco Albini £990

Image via P



XL Vintage Satellite Circle Bamboo Tub Chair £135, available as a pair

Image via Apartment Therapy



Faux Bamboo accents are also having a moment in the spotlight, with brass Bamboo mirrors, bar carts and coffee tables adding a touch of glamour within the home.


Italian Faux Bamboo Brass Cart £1,380

Faux Brass Bamboo Table £375
Brass Tropical Bamboo Table Lamp £310
Nest Of Tables After Bagues £550

You can shop more Bamboo styles on Vinterior here

One thought on “Bamboo: The Sustainable Material Having A Fashionable Comeback

  1. Wow, I love the bamboo rocker in the first image! It adds such a pretty accent color and texture to the room. I’m always looking for sustainable furniture materials. Thanks for sharing!


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