Case Study: Day Studio x Vinterior

We spoke to Lisa from Day Studio about her business, inspiration and how Vinterior slots into her design process.

Please give a brief overview of your company.

We offer a creative design service, from a full interiors service working from a shell and space planning with contractors through to refits, pop ups and branding. There is no one size fits all solution, it’s all based on what the client needs.

Bread Ahead_Blinds-4
Vinterior Desk Lamp at Bread Ahead, London

What types of projects do you typically work on?

It varies, often restaurants, (Padella, Trullo), cafes (Bread Ahead Beak Street) private homes and currently a new type of shop concept.

4. JOS2016021D00040.jpg
Interior of Padella

How did you hear about Vinterior?  

I’ve used you for a while but most recently, I wanted to create a feel of 1960s Scandinavian crime drama meets Nordic winter for a pop up space in Mayfair. Time and budget were limited so i needed pieces to have a strong identity and history to hold their own in a simple black and white scheme. Vinterior offered the widest range of items that fit my brief in one place.

Painting by Benjamin Spiers, Lisa’s favourite artist

What were the challenges you were facing before Vinterior, and what motivated you to find a solution?

It can be a lot of searching when you’re looking for certain types of pieces; Vinterior aggregates so many good sellers it’s like a search engine only for good looking furniture.


What aspects/features did you find most attractive about Vinterior?

Although the design classics are represented, the range is not limited; it offers just the right level of quirk without having to dredge through too many items.

Mix of charity shop and Vinterior purchases

Why did you choose Vinterior over the competition?

I do spread my net wide when beginning a project, but Vinterior really care about the designs they sell which means you’re dealing with people who appreciate what you are trying to do.


For which projects did you source from Vinterior? What were your goals/requirements for these projects?

I search for private clients often here, but I’m currently working on a new shop I’ll use Vinterior for and I used Vinterior a lot within the Bread Ahead Mayfair: several of items from a Dutch seller that really helped me create a more European feel I couldn’t source anywhere else.


What was the buying process like? Did you notice anything exceptional?

I had a few issues with getting the correct invoices from sellers but the aftercare to help me gain a solution from Matthieu and his team were fantastic. Since then they’ve developed new systems to help trade clients and it’s great to see that feedback as a client gets taken seriously.


During your experience on Vinterior, what were the challenges you faced and what support was offered to you?

Time frames are often an issue so being able to sort by delivery time/availability would be a good feature – I think this may be introduced?


Describe your favourite piece you sourced from Vinterior?

There are so many I find it hard to part with some of them! Probably a Dutch Convex Mirror, that’s one I should have kept hold of. It haunts my design dreams…


How did Vinterior impact the success of your project(s)?

People often tell me they haven’t seen anything similar to the works we create; this is partly due to being able to think laterally and move beyond the obvious choice (my background is in arts and journalism so I tend to use all kinds of left field references when I’m designing). Vinterior is a great resource for achieving that.


What are three words that describe your experience working with Vinterior?

Committed, friendly, rewarding.


How likely are you to recommend Vinterior to a friend or client?

Already do.


What is your advice to others who might be considering using Vinterior?

If it’s a large order, talk to the team first; the most time consuming part of our job is paperwork and searching, both can be made easier by the team in the Vinterior office.


What are the biggest challenges on the horizon for your industry?

The uncertainty around Brexit is a challenge but it also creates a lot of opportunities. And necessity is always the mother of creative invention.

A painting by Lisa, commissioned for a private client


Discover more from Lisa: http://www.daystudio.co.uk​

Photography courtesy of Graeme Duddridge



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